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Event: EECC - 1st EURAM Early Career Colloquium


Date: January 27-29th 2010
Location: University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Nuremberg
Audience: Post-Docs
Type: Workshop
Topic: open research: innovation & social software
Application deadline: January 8th 2010


It is the intent of the European Academy of Management to continue to innovate its provision of new products with the creation of its Winter Olympics. By doing so, we are pleased to announce the first EURAM Early Career Consortium (EECC). It will take place from January 27-29th 2010 at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg in Nuremberg (Germany) hosted by Kathrin M. Moeslein, EURAM Vice President and Anne-Katrin Neyer, EURAM National Representative, Germany. The aim is to offer a developmental colloquium designed for early career academics (i.e., within six years of the completion of their PhD, or of equivalent professional standing).

The focus of the first colloquium is on “open research: innovation & social software”. In line with open research as a phenomenon dealing with an opening of the collaboration process among researchers from different disciplines, this colloquium seeks to unite innovation, organization, strategy and information systems researchers. We wish to start a conversation about how topics such as social interactions, organizational practices and processes, and individual interests with regard to innovation are linked to and influenced by the increased availability of social software tools. Or putting it in a more provocative way: Do we need to consider social software tools while studying innovation or is it just another management fashion?

Thus, it is the aim of this colloquium to contribute to the recently emerging conversation about the area of tension of an organization’s ability to innovate and the role of social software in this context. Also, we intend to set up a group of young scholars interested in doing cross-disciplinary research to derive to different and challenging questions in the context of innovation and social software.

How to apply

Excited? Please send you CV and short description of your research project to Dr. Anne-Katrin Neyer (eecc@balanceonline.org) to register for this colloquium no later than January, 8th 2010. Places will be given based on a first-come-first-served principle.

Preliminary agenda

Wednesday, 27th:
Informal get-together in the evening

Thursday, 28th:

Welcome note by EURAM president (Peter McKiernan)
Keynote speech
Brief presentation of current research projects by the participants as input for roundtable discussion
Roundtable discussion

Friday, 29th:

Workshop on how to use social software tools for doing efficient, effective and interactive research
Special interest discussion groups (possible topics: methodological issues we are struggling with, lessons learned from the review process and best practice, life as an early academic career researcher, and whatever you would like to discuss with your peers)

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